AirlineJay – What You Livin’ For

AirlineJay - What You Livin' For

AirlineJay is back with the 2nd single off his To Whom It May Concern LP.

We’ve found ourselves in a YOLO culture. It’s complete bullshit and it needs to stop. Fortunately, we have MCs like AirlineJay flipping the concept and asking the question What You Livin’ For, the second track of his latest album To Whom It May Concern. The beat is by Sampleface favourite Nubbz and with its smooth soulful sample and guest rhymer ANTHM, the track’s moral reminds us how important it is to seek your calling in life and to do something about it before it’s too late. Hell, without that ideology, Sampleface wouldn’t be here so we’re co-signing that for sure! While the album itself doesn’t have a release date as yet has yet to receive a drop date, you can still grab ANTHM’s Joy & Pain EP for free on The DJBooth and we highly suggest that you do.

You can stream the track and download on either link below.

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