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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Al B. Sure! & Slick Rick – If I’m Not Your Lover (Live)


Our Throwback Thursday video this week shows Al B. Sure! and Slick Rick performing live on stage back in 1988.

Get your baggy suits ready, guys (and the tight short dresses and skirts for the ladies) because we’re going back to 1988 for this week’s Throwback Thursday. This was a year before I was born so I couldn’t jump on new jack swing in its heyday but one performer who capitalised on the genre’s growth was “Al B. Sure!”. A star quarterback for his high school in New York, he rejected a scholarship to pursue his music career. His debut album In Effect Mode was a big hit and his next two albums kept him popular but he soon fell off and wouldn’t release another album for 17 years. He’s probably most famous for his track Nite & Day, which was later sampled by LL Cool J on the original version of Loungin’ and Slum Village’s Climax but in this video, he performed If I’m Not Your Lover with special guest star Slick Rick. Now, I don’t want to sound mean but Al’s vocals weren’t on point that day and the Michael Jackson mannerisms didn’t really help him out. Still, it’s pretty funny for the nostalgic value and the hilarious dance moves he tries to pull off.

Stream it below.