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ALBUM: SoulStarr (aka: sStarr*) – 4Dilla


SoulStarr pays tribute to Dilla with his latest album.

You may remember SoulStarr as one half of the duo that brought the world Relaytionz and Relaytionz II in partnership with UK producer Languid.  What you probably don’t know is that sStarr* has been hard at work on a J Dilla tribute called 4Dilla… and guess what?  It’s finished and it’s so dope, it can’t be crack (to borrow a line from Jadakiss). Don’t get me wrong: the American’s production has always stood on it’s own merit; thus, SoulStarr is one of the reasons why the Relaytionz tapes are super-ultra-mega dope.  When you press play for 4Dilla though, you will instantly believe that Dilla used sStarr* as a conduit to give it to us one more time.  Yes, 4Dilla is that good and SoulStarr has completely outdone himself.  Every last track on this 14-track album is a winner but my personal favourites are Welcome, Track5, Keep.U.klose[Whitney], Bliss.full, and the sensational Erie.Nighh.  With that said, I want you to heed these words very closely: I don’t care if you have to beg, borrow, or steal that five bucks in order for you to cop this tape.  Do what you need to do… but make sure you get this album as soon as humanly possible.  Take a deep bow, sStarr*.  This tribute might just be your magnum opus thus far and it’s certainly on my personal shortlist of Albums Of The Year for 2013.  Bra-fucking-vo, son.

I implore you to stream the album below. Once you have, click the picture above to go straight to his Bandcamp page and support the man for the incredible work that he’s done.