ONE TO WATCH: Almighty Sion

almighty sion

The worlds of UK and Irish hip hop combine to bring Almighty Sion.

Maybe this should be called Ones To Watch, but I digress. The skills of Liverpool-based b o l t s (Luke Bolton) and Ireland’s SertOne (also Liverpool-based) have come together to form Almighty Sion. On their own, they have tailor-made styles; b o l t s with his lo-fi heavily compressed vibe and SertOne’s electronic beat music, filled with all kinds of sounds and synthetic wonders. Needless to say, if you were to combine those aesthetics together, you’d get something pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I can’t prove this to you just yet, but worry not! The duo say they will be releasing a free EP in January and their debut album in February. In the meantime, you’ll just have to piece the audio jigsaw together yourself.

Stream their music below.

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