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Altered Tones – Moon Grass

Canadian jazz fusion band Altered Tones drop their debut, Moon Grass.

I managed to work through 18 jazz albums last year, which was a record for me. I’m currently on 2 so far this year and Altered Tones’ Moon Grass is one of them. The Montreal fusion band formed in 2004 and their debut acts as a primer for their musical influences. The first two tracks sound almost identical in rhythm and melody but the change up begins from TOMAHAWK, a funky prog-rock type affair. The aptly titled FASTLANE brings things back to the 80s with its filtered guitar backing and uptempo drumming, reminiscent of a Japanese racing game. Every stylistic base is covered on Moon Grass and it has all the hallmarks of a debut album – great potential and room for improvement but ultimately, an enjoyable listen.

Stream it below.