Amin PaYne – Cosmic Disfunktions

amin payne - cosmic disfunktion

Amin PaYne is on another planet with Cosmic Disfunktions.

The link between funk music and the cosmos is nothing new; we had a whole decade dedicated to the stuff in the 70s with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and the P-funk era. But when you mix it all up with hip hop and take it into the future those guys were talking about, you get something a little different. Amin PaYnE is the new cosmic funk brother to take us into the new dimension via Auckland, New Zealand and with his skills on the MPC, he sends us Cosmic Disfunctions, an intelligent blend of classic funk with a touch of modern hip hop. Keeping in tradition of space, the album harks back to those Parliament-Funkadelic days, with some added references to artists such as J Dilla, Pete Rock, B.T. Express and more. Time is relative on this one, so there’s a mix of the past and future, reflecting a dusty, crunchy and soulful sound which is familiar yet new.

The album itself isn’t out until 30th November but Cascade Records have sent us just over eight minutes of audio from the future as well as a pre-order link. You can beam/stream them below.


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