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Dapper Rapper: Another Batch


Yup you guessed it, The AB Tribe are back with “Another Batch” of fresh garments that y’all should be rockin this summer.

So a year (and a bit) after we first met the team at “J DIlla Changed My Life” in early 2012, Another Batch continue to up their levels in terms of quality, print, design and now their own fabric! In the Another Batch collection, there are two 5 panel caps and two tees all inspired by the artworks of Titian and Baciccio in a unique blend of British corduroy and a high cotton twill, which is so dope I have to take my hat off to them (pun intended). You can find all details of all their batches, past and present as well as purchase direct from Another Batch.

Have a look below at some more of their caps and indulge in some  Q-Tip “Life is Better” before proceeding to their site and getting your new garments.
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