Ashterisk The Beat Reaper x DJ Primate – Ptosis


London’s Ashterisk The Beat Reaper serves up some classic boom bap with DJ Primate for their joint EP, Tartarus – The Unseen.

Well, this certainly blew me away. Ashterisk the Beat Reaper (aka Ashtronomic) is a London-based UK emcee of Jamaican descent with a love for all things underground and boom bap oriented. That admiration for the old style meant he found a musical confidant in DJ Primate, a 16 year old beatmaker from El Paso, Texas. Combining Ashterisk’s finely crafted wordplay with Primate’s raw talent, they’ve created a masterpiece in Ptosis. The classic 90s piano sample starts the track off, with searing strings and vinyl crackle in the background and then Ashterisk enters the lyrical stage with the flow of someone you’d think had been in the game for a while (he’s only 20).

Stream it below and hear it for yourself.

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