How Did I Miss That – Avengers Super Hero BET Cypher 2012

In our new feature “How Did I Miss That?”, we look at the Avengers Super Hero BET Cypher from earlier this year.

It’s annoying when you miss the hype of a video or a track and when you do get round to enjoying it, everyone else is bored of it. Well, this feature is dedicated to the videos and tracks you might have missed from the past year or so. Besides, who said you had to be part of the hype anyway? Today’s is one I didn’t even know existed. After the widely anticipated 2012 BET Cypher featuring the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Childish Gambino, a group called Viscocity got together, donned superhero costumes and spat the greatest comic reference-laden bars the Multiverse has ever heard. Well, only three of them. And Wolverine and Beast were in the background so it wasn’t JUST The Avengers. The costumes won’t win any awards but the rhymes are pretty awesome and should have any geeks bopping their heads nevertheless. We’re hoping the rest of them come out with some rhymes, maybe even solo careers.

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