Written by Luke Alex Davis 9:47 pm Video

VIDEO: Axel Kacoutie – Is That Better? (dir. Rashid Babiker)

We don’t know what Balc means but it’s ingrained in our minds thanks to Axel Kacoutie and Rashid Babiker’s minimalist masterpiece.

Isn’t it funny when you’re just about to do something else and you get stopped by something wonderful? Most of the time it involves music or a video, but this time it involved both. The audio and visual in question are Axel Kacoutie’s Is That Better from his EP, New Type, and the video to go with it by director Rashid Babiker. Having seen the beautiful video for Jessie Ware’s latest single (I promise I’ll stop talking about her soon), this seems to have inadvertently carried on the trend of minimal visual representation. Before I turn into a snobbish art critic, you’re not sure what is going on exactly but that’s not even important as the track and the video seem to suck you simultaneously. If Balc is a verb, this is Balcing amazing!