VIDEO: Back That Azz Up, Bobby Vee!

VIDEO: Back That Azz Up, Bobby Vee!

Someone has put a Bobby Vee video to Juvenile’s Back That Ass Up. Well, damn.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of mashup videos before but this one is quite funny. Bobby Vee had a slew of hits back in the 60’s including “Take Good Care of My Baby” and in this video, for The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, we see Bobby Vee and a group of young white people dancing around in their swimwear. Now, put that with Juvenile’s explicit version of Back That Thang Up (with extra Azz) and the tone changes completely, from some kids dancing in the 60s to half naked girls shaking their asses. Damn that devil music!*

*Only kidding, we still love hip hop, azz and all.

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