Balloons For Heaven – Evan Souza (DarkoTheSuper A/K/A Doc Heller)

balloons for heaven - evan souza

This acts as quite a good segue from our last post (keyword being heaven). This is the latest beat tape from Grappa Frisbee’s Evan Souza aka DarkoTheSuper aka Doc Heller and it’s called¬†Balloons For Heaven. The tape is said to be “dedicated to the memory of his late grandparents, and features samples from all their favorite doo wop and oldies hits”. If that wasn’t enough to entice you into listening, it also features some dedications to the legendary J Dilla, with Evan flipping some of the samples from the Detroit producer’s extensive catalogue. The opening track Tell Me Why¬†sees Darko reminisce about his “favourite things in this world and all his heroes up in heaven”, hence the title.

You can stream it below and download it (for free if you so wish).

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