Barbershop and iMaschine

This is my first official post on le Sample Face site, it’s taken me a little while to do so, (due to technical issues) so I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the SampleFace family for getting this dream off to a great start..

It’s all love…

For those who don’t know, I’m Sub-Conscience.. (Blaise) I make beats, write songs and am a general lover of music in any style shape or form.. But my heart beats with the boom bap style that made me fall in love with hip hop as a culture, movement and form of expression..

Woking in “the industry” has opened my eyes to what’s been going on in the “game” and as a result encouraged myself and Starface to take this seriously.. To quote Dmx in “Damien” there are a lot of

Snakes, Rats, (Fat)Cats and Dogs (Some loyal some bitches)

In this game, and I believe that the SampleFace family wanna change that, help build a community amongst a segregated culture that is Hip Hop.

For this reason it felt right to post my first official post while I sit in a barber shop and make beats on my phone while trying to live sample all the sounds of the barbershop hoping my battery doesn’t die.. iMaschine is one of the best hip hop related iPhone purchases I have made.. Period.

Not only has it given me a stupid amount of fun ad productivity it also allows me to live sample, remix, post to sound cloud (when it works) and export to Maschine (that when it comes you will all get a full review of). It’s mad to think that 10-12 years ago I was struggling to make beats on a now ancient pc, yet writing bars from sunrise to sunset recording off a hifi system to tape deck just so I could hear myself and El Chobo go back to back over El-P’s beats I believe.

We live in an age where hip hop is accessible to all and the fastest growing way of life that we know in our day and age. Maybe I’m biased, maybe I’m not but as far as I’m concerned hip hop (and in general music) has brought more people of different creed, colours and socio-economic groups together over any government initiative or foreign policy..

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