Beats, Crates & Life #1: Joy – Cross Cultures

Beats, Crates & Life #1: Joy - Cross Cultures

In Beats, Crates & Life, new contributor Beat Gates takes take a look at a Hungarian jazz group called Joy and their 1989 release, Cross Cultures.

Well, hello dear reader. Since I’m a newbie here, let me introduce myself. My name is Beat Gates, but my real name is Daniel. You can call me Gates or BG if you want. I make music and create sounds since 2002. Started as a simple dream to make something that sounds similiar to J Dilla or Madlib or DJ Premier or 9th Wonder… Essentially, something that sounds like a real hip-hop from the heart. Don’t know at what level of that same dream I am right now, but I sure enjoy every moment of it. You can find many forms of music titled ”Beat Gates”. From hip-hop, drum’n’bass, dubstep, house, jazz… I never focused on one genre. That state of mind for me is just annoying. My music is released on few labels. Most recently I gave birth to liquid drum’n’bass EP called ”Atoms” that has been out since September 2012 on UK based Inform Records. Right now, I’m finishing 20 track beat-tape for Boom Better Records and it will be out this year on 12” piece of chemistry and sound also known as vinyl. My ”job” here, at this funky internet place called Sampleface, is to write about vinyls, labels, artists, lost crates and to keep you entertained after all. You must think that I’m some crazy geek guy living in dusty basement with 500 cats drinking water and listening to records all day. Well, I don’t have 500 cats, just one big dog.

But I do have some knowledge about records. I personally own some records. And I really, really like to talk about records and collecting them. So, let’s get down to bussiness, shall we? Since this is my first post I’m introducing  a record that I bought from my last trip into the world of crate digging: Joy – Cross Cultures. And I must say that this is one amazing release! Gentle, sensual and almost poetic sounds of hungarian jazz. All blessed with strong but wonderful vocal by Anna Canning. Record is released in 1989 by Hungaropop-Jazz label (Catalog: BP 185). Hungaropop is not very well known and it’s hard to find any decent info about the company. But main focus was on jazz, fusion and rock artists. If you find anything released by Hungaropop – buy it. You won’t be disappointed since hungary has some good artists in jazz culture. Bassist on ”Cross Cultures” is Péter Dandó. Amazing and creative bass work. Péter played bass on releases by Pepita, label owned by Hungaroton, major hungarian record company (started in 1951 – still releasing). Drums are by György Jeszenszky. The album is composed by Gábor Gabó who also played the guitar and everything is recorded at Marcellina PJT Studio. Personally, I really enjoy the song called ”Jonathan Livingstone” (starts at 1:02 in the video). Very smooth and chilled jazz track. Subtle bass, nice guitar with minimum drum pattern. I sampled it for one of my future beats that will be out this year. The weird looking cover is designed by Erica Osváth and it looks like a slideshow of various pictures, but fits to the sound of the band very well. The album has a total of 7 songs. 3 on the side A and 4 on the side B. I must say that this release is one of my favorites since I started collecting vinyls. When I first put the needle on side A and the song started, my only thought was: ”Oh man… This is so beautiful”. It’s one of those records that has your heart from the first play, at least it had mine. But I soon got dissapointed: No info about the band Joy. I guess this is their only release. Most of the artists that played here only have 3 or 4 more releases and that’s it (except bassist Péter). After you read this, you can stop with opening your bookmarked YouTube since there is no upload of this anywhere. Actually, you really must bring all your Google search knowledge to get this in digital format. But, since there’s no upload I recorded a video of this record spinning and made a short preview of all 7 songs just for the readers of Sampleface. You’ll hear the smooth and yet hard bass with lovely guitar and subtle, gentle drums. If you by any chance know anything more about this record or band, feel free to post it under the comments section.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all the best in this year! Until the next time dear reader… Love. Gates.

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