Beats, Crates & Life #2: Bruno Pintar – Bruno

Bruno Pintar - Bruno LP

Croatian jazz musician Bruno Pintar is the focus of today’s instalment of Beats, Crates & Life.

Hello dear reader. We meet again at this wonderful place of good music called Sampleface. If you missed the first part of this traveling through time click – here. Now, where were we? Oh yes, the article. Well, last time I talked about some lovely hungarian jazz.

Let’s keep this jazzy atmosphere going, so now I would like to present to you croatian jazz artist, my big inspiration, Bruno Pintar. Very, very underrated and talented musician. Bruno Pintar was born on 15 September 1938, in Zagreb. He first learned to play a piano as a kid, but later became interested in trumpet as his main instrument. Bruno played with many different bands and artists over his musical period. Zagreb Jazz Sextet, Stephen Mihaljinca Orchestra and famous singer Ivo Robic for example. He performed in Croatia, Denmark, Russia, USA, Germany, France… Since 1974. to 1982. he worked as a music therapist in hospital ”Mladen Stojanovic” (now the Sisters of Mercy) in Vinogradska Street, Zagreb. From the year 1982. to 1984. Pintar has worked as a teacher of music education in Zagreb elementary school ”PS Tina Ujevica”. In April 1984, he hosted a solo concert in KD Vatroslav Lisinski titled ”An Evening With Bruno Pintar” and also promoted his LP under the simple name – ”Bruno”. The record can be also titled and found as ”Mladic S Trubom”.

Released in 1984. on Suzy Records from Croatia (catalog number: LP 434), but pressed by Jugoton Records, also from Croatia. Total of 10 songs, 5 on side A and 5 on side B. My favorite from side A is the third song called ”Crne Oci”. Amazing performance by Pintar, really easy listening. From side B the first song called ”Ljeto 42” and this is also my absolute favorite from this whole release (at 2:27 in the YouTube video). ”Bruno” record is considered rare on the internet, but it can be bought at any second hand record shop in Croatia for 5$ in a decent shape. Personally, I really enjoy Pintar’s style and his musical ideas. Smooth, gentle and soft sound of his trumpet is just wonderful. As always, I uploaded my own rip (and the only rip) of this record on YouTube so you can preview all the songs in only 5 minutes. Bruno died on Saturday, 25 February 2012. Very sad day for Croatian jazz. Great musician, teacher and inspiration for many young artists, including myself. He will always be remembered for his work and the spirit he had for jazz, music and life.

Now, enjoy the sound of ”Bruno” and thank you for reading this. Rest in peace Mr. Pintar. Until the next time dear reader… Love. Gates.

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