VIDEO: BINKBEATS Reassembles Madlib’s “The Healer” From Scratch


Dutch producer BINKBEATS reconstructs the Madlib cut “The Healer” off Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part One (4th World War).

We’ve seen a few “beat remake” videos over the past year, with things like Marley Marl’s ‘Classic Recipes’, this Flying Lotus reconstruction (both for Dubspot) and that amazing Massive Attack track made from vegetables but this is arguably the best we’ve seen so far. Netherlands producer BINKBEATS redid the whole beat from the very bottom, using the original instruments from the track Madlib sampled (The Yamasuki Singers’ Kono Samuraï). The build up of each section is spectacular especially when the percussion kicks in and you fully recognise the music. Let’s hope there’s more of this time come.

Stream the masterpiece below.

(Shout out to Potholes)

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