Black Opera – Libretto: Of King Legend

Black Opera - Libretto: Of King Legend

The new album from Black Opera is finally here

Libretto: Of King Legend is a detailed tale, told from the perspectives of both the incredible King and his loyal statesmen. Libretto is the third and final installment of the three part introduction: The Black Op: Era I. Libretto creates a musical umbrella which encompasses the [r]evolutionary theme of their first installment Overture and the charismatic spirit of their second installment EnterMission., all while delving into the brilliant mind, heart and bloodline of The Black Opera. Among those helping TBO to SPREAD THE WARNING on Libretto are Mayer Hawthorne, Boog Brown, Lalibella and Melody Betts who are featured musicians, and the project contains instrumental performances and bonus encores courtesy of Astronote, 14KT, Oddisee and more. Libretto: of King Legend is the end of the beginning. Stay [in]Tune[d].

How’s that for an album note? The Black Opera’s double album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD and vinyl. As you can see above, the LP features a superb clientele. You can stream the behind the scenes video of Balcony below.

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