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blank check – tribute to madvillain

Tripping off the beat kinda, dripping off the meat grinder. Heat niner, pimping, stripping, soft sweet c-minor.

Sorry I’m super late to this (it was on my list but I never got round to posting it. How many times have I said that on this blog?).

Anyway, ‘tribute to madvillain‘ is literally that and it comes courtesy of Hawaiian musician blank check. It was recorded in 2006 but found its way off a dusty hard drive nearly a decade and a half later, much to our pleasure.

Rather than just rap over Madvillain beats or make different versions with the same samples for this tribute, blank check recreated a selection of 2 tracks from scratch with makani rob. The remaining 5 tracks on the release are sound samples of a can, his guitar, a knife, a bass line, and 10 seconds of an unfinished version of ‘Figaro‘.

It’s short but sweet, and it’s pretty cool. I’m hoping those sound samples are usable for anyone who download the project. For the culture, of course.

Stream it below.

(via The Find Mag)

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