Blue Sky Black Death – III


What do you get when you cross a Justin Bieber sample and a 15-year-old piece of music software? Blue Sky Black Death’s have the answer with their track, “III”.

You won’t find many Bieber fans here at Sampleface (if any). But I think I can speak for everyone when I say anyone who can craft a song out of a sample from the Canadian singer will win acclaim from us. The parties responsible for this feat are Blue Sky Black Death, whose album NOIR + VIOLET we reviewed last year. The duo painstakingly put together 243 different tracks of music, including a time-stretched Justin Bieber sample (800 times slower than its normal speed) and “a delayed guitar sample” from their UK shoegaze band, Slowdive. What you get is atmospheric, almost temple-like music and a fantastic example of creative sampling outside regular looping or “chopped up” beats. We doff our caps to you, sirs!

Stream it below.

(via Wired)

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