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Boiler Room Syria x Sadaa Sound Syndicate: an exploration of Syrian club and underground music

‘Our work today and everyday is geared towards a Syria that is ours and a Free Palestine.’

C1 Collective: Qكيو, Elayn, Samara H, Majdolen, Kayal | Boiler Room Berlin: Sawt Syria
Sawt Syria: Exile (Europe) | Boiler Room صوت سوريا - المنفى (أوروبا)

In 2022, Boiler Room collaborated with Sadaa Sound Syndicate to showcase Syrian club and underground music and music generated from the diaspora. The project, named Sawt Syria, was split into two parts:

  • The first part contained Syrian musicians, producers, and DJs performing music from their heritage, both historical and contemporary
  • The second part showed 14 artists in a 7-hour broadcast along with a video-essay where they discussed how the diaspora has influenced their processes and workflow

You can watch the condensed versions above.

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