Brandon* – Prismatic World (EP)

For a limited time only, brandon* presents us with his “Prismatic World”.


pris·mat·ic (prĭz-măt′ĭk) also pris·mat·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)


1. Of, relating to, resembling, or being a prism.
2. Formed by refraction of light through a prism. Used of a spectrum of light.
3. Brilliantly colored; iridescent.

Those familiar with the work of brandon* will appreciate the poignance of the title to his latest project. His music has always been rich and full of sonic expanse and Prismatic World is no different. From the offset, we’re greeted by the cheery toy-robotic Kaleidoscope as it marches into High Speed Chase and the more chilled out Cellophane Circus. Accompanied with a beautiful album cover by John Lytle Wilson, this is an EP you won’t want to miss out on.

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Luke Davis is a music producer and editor of music blog Sampleface. In his spare time, he enjoys watching tennis and football and reading.

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