Written by 7:26 pm R&B

C Y G N Ft. RKZ – All Yours


Lille-based producer C Y G N collaborates with RKZ on the ethereal “All Yours”.

As summer winds down for another year, we enter the season of autumn (and “cuffing” for those inclined to participate). The air is colder, the nights are longer and you’ll want to stay in a lot more. You’ll be needing some music for those chilly nights and C Y G N has just the right track. All Yours is the collaborative effort between the French producer and our very own vocal maestro RKZ. The vibes are ironically quite chilled but there’s a warmth in undulating synth melody and RKZ’s devoted lyricism. We hope for more of the same between these two. Now, can someone please fetch me my duvet?

Stream it below.