Cash Money and Marvelous – Where’s the Party At?

Cash Money and Marvelous - Where's the Party At?

Craig M. Riding has returned to talk about Cash Money and Marvelous’ “Where’s the Party At?”.

Sleeping Bag Records has dropped a few classic old school Hip Hop albums in its time but I’d like to point you in the direction of this often over looked little gem. DJ Cash Money is one of the pioneers of turntablism before that phrase was around. Coming up with Jazzy Jeff you can see a few parallels between Cash Money and Marvelous and Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, albeit Marvelous didn’t get his own TV show and become a global corporation. I still listen to this album quite often, the scratching is still some of the best on an album, and though Marvelous sounds a bit like The Fresh Prince he does a decent job of bigging up his DJ. The stand out tracks are Time Is Up, Real Mutha For Ya, The Mighty Hard Rocker and Music Maker. Ugly People Be Quiet has a good party record vibe, as does Find An Ugly Woman. It won’t win any awards for political content, but like I said Marvelous has a charm about him and does a decent job but it’s DMC winner DJ Cash Money’s album, though if you really want to hear what he can do, try and dig up the tapes of his DMC set and his early mix tapes.

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