VIDEO: Casisdead – Charlotte (NSFW)


Casisdead provides us with his new bittersweet and well executed video “Charlotte”. And you have been warned, the content is really graphic. NSFW.

It’s not really right for me to divulge the plot of this video. All you need to know is its twisted excellence courtesy of Casisdead, the self-proclaimed Demi-God. It seems our masked friend is keen to keep his identity a secret much like our the man behind our mask DOOM, yet he put on enough of a visual display in this video to keep your attention for its entirety. I urge you to not watch this if you’re squeamish, have a weak stomach or pregnant, just because they say that about roller coasters. Apart from that, the beat is grimy and might take the edge off a little. Or makes things worse. Either way, take a seat and watch one of the craziest videos I have seen in a while.

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