RKZ - Impossible feat. Sonni Mai

The RKZ/Handbook partnership serves up an “Impossible” delight with guest vocalist Sonni Mai. Understated imagery is a beautiful art form. The concept fuelled decades of art in the mid-20th century and minimalism is all the rage today. When RKZ and Handbook weave their musical threads, the finished product is indicative of that style. But with added …

RKZ - Impossible feat. Sonni Mai

ross & clement - coastin

Facebook sucks but sampling groups offer well-needed gems such as ross & clement’s coastin. coastin is a smooth R&B meal with all the 90s-style trimmings. Groove is the main ingredient helped by the sample, Soul II Soul’s Back To Life. There’s a sense of indulgence too, with rich textures and a slow syrupy tempo. Actually, …

R&B Pop

Weslee - Gassed (Stripped)

The faceless duo released a stripped-down version of their acclaimed track, “Gassed”. Our logo was clearly inspired by The Masked One so we respect artists who like that level of anonymity. Weslee is such a group, comprising of two enigmatic individuals but their talent is no mystery. Mistajam picked Gassed as his Hottest Record In …

R&B Soul


London soul singer MALIKA just wants to be free on new single, “Run”. We’ve been blessed with some burgeoning talent in our inbox this week. MALIKA is a singer-songwriter from London and Run blends heavy percussion with beautiful vocals in a song about breaking away from an unfulfilling life. The track will feature on her …

Hip Hop R&B

Equals - Nightfall

Gifted The Great + Blakesmith = Equals. Here is their new EP, Nightfall. In the words of John “Hannibal” Smith, I love it when a plan comes together. I especially love it when music is involved and the collaboration between producers Gifted The Great and French-based Blakesmith is a prime example. Their new EP, Nightfall, dropped …