How Did I Miss That: Cuttooth – Breathe Deeply feat. Sarah Linhares


UK’s Cuttooth shows us how to Breathe Deeply with his new track featuring Sarah Linhares.

The UK’s influence in trip hop/downtempo music is crucial, having effectively started the hip hop offshoot in the early-to-mid 90s in Bristol, the home of Portishead and Massive Attack. Since then, a whole variety of groups have taken the genre and moulded into their own style. One such producer with that frame of mind is Cuttooth. On his self titled album, Cuttooth employs the services of Montreal’s Sarah Linhares for Breathe Deeply, a woozy homage-of-sorts to those early trip hop days. Linhares’ bluesy vocals ride smoothly over the crackling guitar-lead melody and pumping rhythm.

Stream it below.

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