SONG FOR SUNDAY #89: Dreams, Dreams (From The NiGHTS Into Dreams OST)


Dreams Dreams from the NiGHTS into Dreams OST is our Song For Sunday.

When a song knocks you for six the first time, there’s no stopping it the second, third or fiftieth time on repeat. Back in 1996, I got the chance to play one of the most enchanting video games ever. It was NiGHTS into Dreams on the Sega Saturn and although the console didn’t do so well, the game has stood the test of time. Apart from then-state of the art generally, it had a glorious soundtrack. The theme from that OST was “Dreams, Dreams”, sung by Curtis King Jr. and Dana Calitri and “refers to the power of dreams, an adventure in Nightopia, and a new love found ‘in the nights'”. It’s very 90s, although to me there were elements that reminded me of Anita Baker’s debut album Rapture and a little bit of Michael Jackson’s On The Line and Someone Put Your Hand Out (this is pitched up to avoid copyright removal but the original can be found on his Ultimate Collection as well as on CD/cassette, but I digress).

Stream it below and get into your feels like I did.

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