Elements of Music (aka EOM) – ForAllWeKnow


A few weeks ago, Manassas-native producer Elements of Music (or EOM for short) released album ForAllWeKnow. We gave it a listen.

Normally, we get tip offs for dope music via email submissions, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or the ever trustworthy combo of Facebook and Twitter. However this fantastic diamond in the rough came from Tumblr and this album certainly pricked my ears up. Elements of Music (aka EOM) is a producer straight out of Manassas, Virginia and having worked with the likes of Shad (!!), Chamillionaire, Ilyas (of Tanya Morgan) and Rusty Redenbacher (of Mudkids), he embarked on a mostly-instrumental effort called ForAllWeKnow. If you were hoping for something soft and laidback throughout, you can forget about that. But if you wanted something gruff and rough around the edges, EOM has the goods thanks to a mixture of aurally churlish beats from the offset and rhythmically sophisticated gems smattered across the album. There’s even a famous jazz sample in there if you can find it (*cough* EasEback [Bad Company] [ft. T-Rexx]). Rap features include Wax (also on guitar), his twin brother Herbal T (also on bass) and Duke Westlake. It’s a musical triumph and goes past the regular “nice Bandcamp album” level on my dope-o-meter.

Stream it below.

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