Eminem Goes “Berzerk” With New Track


Eminem, arguably one of – if not the – greatest emcees to grace the mic is back with an old school vibe on “Berzerk”.

Eminem’s technically ability is second to none. He can do serious, funny, sick, twisted and by the sound of things he is now going old school, with an almost Beastie Boys kinda vibe. Berzerk is the first release of the “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” which is looking for a November 5th release with assisted production from everyone’s favourite Dr (Dr Dre), as well as Mr Rick Rubin too. The bars in this track are typical Em, poking shots at the Kardashian’s, Future and a nice bit of Ren and Stimpy wordplay too. From first listen I don’t know if this will be the whole vibe running through MMLP2 but as long as the bars stay as on point, it could be a grower.

Stream below and send us your comments.

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