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SONG FOR SUNDAY #117: ESTA. – $kyscrape ($leaux’d)

ESTA. – $kyscrape ($leaux'd)

The sublime $kyscrape ($leaux’d) is our Song for Sunday.

This track has been on sporadic rotation for years. It’s one of those sample flips that grabs your attention but soothes you at the same time.

I’m talking about $kyscrape ($leaux’d) by ESTA. who flipped Sade’s Is It A Crime twice – once for the original version and again with the $leaux’d version. As the name suggests, this one is slower and to great effect. Why? Because it’s dope (or should that be deauxpe?)

The swung beat with that lovely snare reverb is a delight on the ears and Sade is made for sampling. Perfect for some relaxation time on a Sunday.

Stream it below.