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European Hip Hop Tour #1: England

Prospects for growth

Beware of the following – Akala, Lowkey (currently on an indefinite hiatus), Speech Debelle, Dizraeli, Kings Of The City, Too Many T’s, Delusionists, Genesis Elijah, Mystro and Ghostpoet. They have been known to cause moments of hysteria through their music and live performances. It is also worth mentioning the supervillain DOOM was born in London and he can be known to wander through England. I need not remind you to stay clear of him or you will be terrorised (lyrically).

If you have a chance to go underground…

Look out for Star Slinger, Vanilla, Sourface, Languid and Handbook. Great producers.

In this fast paced era of music, if they were a car, they’d be…

A Vauxhall – They may have had setbacks in the past few years due to an unstable economy, but they’re still going strong. You see them everywhere and, hey, they originate in London. Definitely the car of choice for most people in this country and not a bad choice, I’d say.

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