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European Hip Hop Tour #10: Russia

Prospects for growth

PHIL Gerus, Oxxxymiron, Loc Dog, Marseille, Bahh Tee, ST1M, Gidroponka… the list is endless (look up the rest on Last.fm and navigate your way through the Russian alphabet to find them).

If you have a chance to go underground…

Look out for Simon The RussianCHAROVSKIYBMB aka Space Kid, dza, SICKONASTY, Sumeo and Lingvisto.

In this fast paced era of music, if they were a car, they’d be…

A Lada – Outside Russia, you may be unfamiliar with this but over there, they’re the equivalent of, say, Ford or Vauxhall. They come in different models and they’re pretty trustworthy.

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