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European Hip Hop Tour #12: Poland

Prospects for growth

Artists of note: Blazo, Pogz, Qciek, MC Silk, Te Tris (Te-Tris), Eldo, O.S.T.R., Pezet, Zeus, Onar. Hip hop is ever expanding and with the internet making it more accessible for producers and MCs to publish their work, it doesn’t look to be slowing down.

If you have a chance to go underground…

Look out for Jazzsounds, Taba555, Ziemia, The NuClear Headz, Maed Meva, Kondor, Co, Graf Cratedigger. All on Bandcamp.

In this fast paced era of music, if they were a car, they’d be…

A Chrysler – On first glance, you think “American” and might go for an alternative. But you’d be wrong to do so based purely on looks, because they’re actually not that bad. You’d do well to spend a bit of time with them (if you can get past the language boundary).

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