European Hip Hop Tour #13: Czech Republic


We hit up the Czech Republic for the next stop on our European Hip Hop Tour.

Country: Czech Republic

Population: (as of 2011 census) 10,562,214

Capital: Prague

Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)

Old places of interest

Again, much like with Ukrainian hip hop, there isn’t much of a “history” to show since the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Influential group Choazz were formed in 1993 with their debut …a nastal chaos coming out two years later. Naše Věc came a few years later with three demos before releasing their debut in 2001. The group have since split up but the members are enjoying their own respective solo careers.

Current places of interest

Fortunately, we do have information on the current hip hop climate in the Czech Republic. Chaozz are still going and Řezník, Prago Union, Boy Wonder, larie1, DJ Fatte are all enjoying great success, particularly Prago Union who were made up of two former members of Chaozz (MC Kato – then known as Deph – and DJ Skulpa, later replaced by DJ Maro in 2008).

For an extended list of Czech (and Slovak) hip hop acts, have a look here.

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