European Hip Hop Tour #14: Italy


The final stop on our European Hip Hop Tour is Italy.

Country: Italy

Population: (as of 2011 census) 59,570,581

Capital: Rome

Currency: Euro (€)

Old places of interest

If you’re music savvy, you’ll know Italy’s biggest influence on music came during mid to late 70s in the form of Italo disco. The main man of Italy in that genre was Giorgio Moroder (who Dilla notably sampled on E=MC2). After the “death” of disco, efforts moved towards Hi-NRG but away from tha, hip hop spread the country based on Jamaican raggamuffin, particularly in centri sociali (self-managed social centers). The first star, however, was Jovanotti, who used rapping in Italian pop, a common place for rapping to be in Europe during the genre’s dawn. Some of his tracks were, however, pure hip hop, e.g. “Il rap” which sampled Public Enemy’s Chuck D. From here, acts like Articolo 31 with an East Coast rap-inspired style and Articolo member J-Ax, Camelz in Effect, Sangue Misto and 99 Posse began to make their name. Caparezza has been likened to Eminem because of his popularity and sales since 2000 and Frankie Hi-NRG MC is often referred to as the Italian NAS, due to his complex and intellectual lyricism.

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