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European Hip Hop Tour #2: Ireland


Our second stop on the Sampleface European Hip Hop Tour takes us to the Republic of Ireland.

Country: Ireland (Éire, also known as the Republic of Ireland)

Population: (as of 2011 census) 4,588,252

Capital: Dublin

Currency: Euro (€)

Old places of interest

Being more known for acts such as U2, Clannad, Enya and Sinead O’Connor in the 80s, hip hop didn’t really make its way onto the green landscape of Ireland until early 90s thanks to the likes of Marxman (a four-piece group comprising of two Irish rappers and two London rappers of Jamaican descent) and Scary Éire. Of course, across the pond you had the Irish stylings of House of Pain but they weren’t actually Irish, so that doesn’t count. Impostors!

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