European Hip Hop Tour #3: Portugal


We fly across to Portugal for our next stop on the Sampleface Hip Hop Tour.

Country: Portugal

Population: (as of 2012 estimate) 10,581,949

Capital: Lisbon

Currency: Euro (€)

Old places of interest

I’ll level with you – I couldn’t find any. It seems hip hop history is obscure before about 10 years ago. Maybe it was lost like Atlantis or I didn’t do enough research. The ability to speak Portuguese may have helped. Ah well, check out the current places of interest so your journey isn’t totally wasted.

Current places of interest

Now, there are two main categories of hip hop in Portugal: mainstream hip hip and hip hop tuga, made up of African music (particularly Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique), reggae and Portuguese fado. Hip hop tuga artists include Valete, Sam The Kid, Da Weasel, Boss AC and DJ Bomberjack.

Prospects for growth

While there isn’t much of a documented history, the future is very much bright. Dealema, NBC, Mind Da Gap, Hadda & DJ A and Expensive Soul just some of the names propping up the rear.

If you have a chance to go underground…

Look out for BRO X, SP & Wilson, Micro, Tchapo, J-KdB and Halloween.

In this fast paced era of music, if they were a car, they’d be…

A Seat Alhambra – Yes, the origins may be from elsewhere (Seat is a Spanish car manufacturer) as well as the inner parts but the final product is created in Portugal and its a damn good export and it has the continental flair you’d expect from Iberia.

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