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European Hip Hop Tour #4: Spain


We hopped over the Portuguese border to Spain for our next stop on the European Hip Hop Tour.

Country: Spain

Population: (2011 estimate) 47,190,493

Capital: Madrid

Currency: Euro (€)

Old places of interest

According to Wikipedia, “Spanish hip hop music began in the early 1980s” or 1979 as the next sentence claims. Skip a decade and you’ll find a wider breadth of talent thanks to CPV, Duo Kie, Chirie Vegas, Violadores del Versos and in particular, 7 Notas 7 Colores.

Current places of interest

Spain is now thriving with the hustle and bustle of new hip hop. Watch out for some of the audible pick pockets: Cookin’ Soul, Mala Rodríguez, Toteking and SFDK. Notably, Mala Rodríguez is a female MC and definitely worth having a look at while you’re in Spain. Her fifth album Dirty Bailarina received 2 nominations at the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards, for Best Urban Album and the first single “No Pidas Perdón” won Best Urban Song. Cookin’ Soul are known for their mixtapes and mashups of a few Jay-Z tracks, one in particular catching the attention of a certain tabloid newspaper as well as a Michael Jackson tribute.

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