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European Hip Hop Tour #6: The Netherlands


After a lengthy stay in France, we head for the Netherlands on our European Hip Hop Tour.

Country: The Netherlands (commonly referred to as Holland, although North and South Holland are actually only two of its twelve provinces.)

Population: (2012 estimate) 16,730,007

Capital: Amsterdam

Currency: Euro (€)

Old places of interest

Also referred to as “Nederhop”, the first group to really start the genre was Osdorp Posse, with frontman Def P. The likes of Extince and MC Miker & DJ Sven with their hit single Holiday Rap continued this trend in the Netherlands (albeit more comically). The latter two acts rapped in English back then but Extince later moved into Dutch. Notable Dutch-speaking rappers (MCs who rapped in Dutch) in the 90s included E-Life, Postmen, Cane, Deamz, Def Rhymes, Yukkie B, Kiddo Cee and U-Niq. In 1995, Top Notch was founded, which is now the biggest Dutch hip hop label. Their first album was Extince’s Binnenlandse Funk.

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