European Hip Hop Tour #7: Germany


We’re in Germany for the next stop on our European Hip Hop Tour.

Country: Germany

Population: (2011 estimate) 81,726,000

Capital: Berlin

Currency: Euro (€)

Old places of interest

German hip hop really began towards the late 80s with the emergence of groups like Advanced Chemistry, Die Fantastischen Vier (who, despite their commercial success that helped to pioneer hip hop music in Germany, were often criticised for being “too American” and not showcasing the traditions of German culture) and nurse turned hip-hop artist Cora E. Seems like a risky career change in today’s terms but Cora E. became one of the originators of the genre in Germany and, more notably, one of the few women in the industry. Moving into the 90s, groups like Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt were rapping in German but with an American “gangster rap” style, the new craze at the time. Later into the 90s came acts like Massive Töne, Absolute Beginner, the Stieber Twins, Freundeskreis, and later, Dynamite Deluxe (2000).

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