European Hip Hop Tour #8: Denmark


We’re in Denmark for the next stage of our European hip hop tour.

Country: Denmark

Population: (2012 estimate) 5,543,453

Capital: Copenhagen

Currency: Danish krone (DKK)

Old places of interest

Commonly known as “Dansk rap”, apart from acts like Malk de Koijn and MC Einar, hip hop in Denmark didn’t get as big a start until the early 1990s, when English was the preferred language for underground acts such as Kidnap and one of the first female MCs No Name Requested, merging hip hop and reggae. In the late 1990s, Danish-speaking rap was back on top thanks to artists such as Jokeren and his group Den Gale Pose. Also have a look for DJ Noize.

Current places of interest

Fast forward to the present day and acts like Outlandish, The Gypsies and The Boulevard Connection are some of the biggest hip hop groups in the country. U$O, in particular, managed to get his name out into the wider hip hop spectrum when he featured alongside heavyweights such as Busta Rhymes and Twista on Tech N9ne’s Worldwide Choppers last year. Also worth a mention: Suspekt (who have also worked with U$O as well as fellow Danes Tina Dico of Zero 7 fame), L.O.C. (who is the best-selling rapper in Denmark, with sales of more than 150,000 albums), Johnson, UFO, Yepha (formerly of UFO & Yapha) and Marwan.

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