Evanjack Covers The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Evanjack Covers The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

You won’t see Evanjack’s hazy cover of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air coming.

This will shock you for more multiple reasons. Evanjack are a folk duo from south London made up of guitarist and vocalist Scott Cousins and Andrew Lyddon the drummer. Having grown up in Wales, they eventually met in 2010, they recorded their debut EP For Susan in 2011 and their creativity continued from there. As part of their Basement Sessions, their sixth episode saw the pair covering the theme to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “a folk cover of a 90s hip hop theme? These guys must be insane”. Well, get ready to be blown away. The ethereal combo of Cousins soothing guitar, airy vocals and Lyddon’s soft drumming provide a oddly comforting folk ballad. How they managed to make a Will Smith rap into a folk ballad I’ll never know but these guys have talent.

Stream the video below.

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