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VIDEO: Four Tet x Moe Syzlak – Pinnacles


Witness the oddly brilliant synchronicity of Four Tet’s Pinnacles set to Moe from The Simpsons breakdancing.

Casually perusing my Facebook feed, I came across yet another fantastic video. But this one was much different to the others I usually find. A clever YouTuber named James uploaded a video showing a clip from The Simpsons where surly bartender Moe Syzlak is teaching a class in Funk Dancing for Self-Defense. That’s when Four Tet’s Pinaccles kicks in to accompany Moe’s looped routine. Kinda hypnotic and an awesome experience overall, you’ll be perfecting your self defensive b-boying in no time. Just don’t hurt yourself.

Stream it below.

(via Jake Brown aka Handbook)