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FREE DOWNLOAD: Free Music Samples From MusicRadar


Stuck for new sounds to use on your tracks? Let MusicRadar help with their free music samples.

We deal in samples over here, but you should know this by now. When we see or hear about them in any interesting context, we like to let you guys know. That’s why this made a metaphorical blip on our “radar” and decided to share this with you all. MusicRadar, marketed as “the No.1 website for musicians” periodically release free music samples in packs. They have a lot of packs, ranging from dubstep to robotic sounds to hip hop. In their latest “Sugarcoated samples” pack, they’ve designed a collection “to help you produce hip-hop-leaning, chart-friendly grooves”. But if you’re inventive, your tracks will be so cool, the charts won’t know what to do with them. Or something.

Head over to MusicRadar to find the Sugarcoated samples and the other 131(!) packs.