Back in 1994, a rapper called Fur Q released Uzi Lover and caused controversy when he killed 5 people while performing live. Well, that’s the joke anyway…

Fur Q may sound like a funny rapper name… and you’d be right. Satirist Chris Morris co-created a current affairs parody called The Day Today and during one of the side segments called Rok TV, took the role of Fur Q. Now, a white man taking the role of a black guy in this way could be perceived as “blacking up” and that is controversial in itself but the idea becomes more surreal as the song (and video) continue, with Morris appearing as a Rolling Stone magazine writer calling Fur Q’s killings “ironic”. Sounds about right, just 19 years earlier. The way I see it, it was an extreme satirical parody on the perception of hip hop – pure violence, excessive foul language and the fashion of the time. And the song’s funny too. Just wish we could find out who the “uzi lover” was.

Stream it below and see what you think.

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