SONG FOR SUNDAY #83: Gary Numan – Cars


Something a little different for this week’s Song For Sunday – Gary Numan’s Cars.

I normally choose laid back soul cuts for this feature but after watching a documentary on the “rise, fall and reinvention” of Gary Numan, I decided to go a little left field with this week’s selection. Even if you’re not into synthpop or new wave, you’ll be familiar with Cars and it’s mix of rock rhythm and heavy synth melodies. It was the second of Gary Numan’s hit singles, after “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” when he was performing under the band name Tubeway Army. Although he has never reached the mainstream success he had during the late 70s and early 80s, he still retains a cult following and his earlier singles have received countless reinventions of their own through sampling and numerous covers.

Stream it below and check out J Dilla’s unique rendition “Trucks” if you haven’t already.

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