Giorgio Moroder Joins Soundcloud, Uploads Rare Tracks

Giorgio Moroder

The disco legend Giorgio Moroder uploads rare tracks to Soundcloud.

Without sampling, Sampleface would just be a blank face with no purpose for living. People like Giorgio Moroder with infectious disco classics such as I Feel Love and the soundtrack to Scarface have provided us with amazing soundscapes and reasons to crate dig, should we need a electro number to sample or spin at a party. So understandably, when we found out he had joined Soundcloud, we had to investigate. Then we heard he had uploaded a crapload of material including remixes and rare edits. Rare disco edits. This is the stuff of dreams! Judging by his list of “Other Artists I Like”, he’s a fan of David Guetta (damn), Kelly Rowland, Jay-Z and Daft Punk, the latter being a group of interest. for the Italian master. Due to using up the maximum number of minutes on his account, he’s also opened another account for you to enjoy. There’s no stopping him, is there?

Stream the tracks below.

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