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Gold Panda – Brazil


Gold Panda releases Brazil ahead of his new album, Half Of Where You Live.

“I wanted to make a track that soundtracked my ride from the airport to downtown […] The [vocal] sample is kind of like an excited chant, bigging up the place, then it all gets confusing to replicate the traffic and buildings.” – Gold Panda, on new track “Brazil”

For anyone unfamiliar with Gold Panda (real name Derwin Powers), he is a composer/producer from London with a background in all things electronic. His debut studio album, Lucky Shiner, received some generally positive feedback from the critics and even received a nomination for the 2011 Mercury Prize. Like many of his electronic music contemporaries, Gold Panda likes to build up layers of atmosphere in his compositions, drawing upon environmental soundscapes and what some would call “world music” palettes. On Brazil however, he strips that aesthetic back slightly, resorting to some classic techno that harks back to the heydays of Plastikman and Aphex Twin. Half Of Where You Live will be released on 11th June and can be pre-ordered on theghostlystore.com.

Stream “Brazil” below.