HEY WTF Records Presents: Love Letter (Compilation)


Boston-based cassette label HEY WTF Records present a 16-track love-themed compilation.

Old music formats aren’t dying out in the way experts had anticipated. Vinyl sales continue to increase while there’s a healthy community of underground cassette labels keeping the reels turning. HEY WTF Records are based out of Boston and they are part of this cassette culture. Last month, they dropped a compilation called Love Letter, featuring 16 tracks from 16 rappers/producers all in the name of love. Some of the names include the UK’s Handbook and Vanilla, Beat Gates, Amin PaYnE and dil withers. You can cop the cassette for $5, which comes with the download or just download it for free. But after all that talk of cassettes, why not grab a physical copy?

Stream/purchase below and peep the tracklist after the jump.

1. Yearning – Patchley
2. LV.U – Cypria
3. Missin You – Summer Occasion
4. Spread Love – Trey Michaels
5. hate waking up from my dreams of you – LWNMWHR
6. 2AM Drive – BKBROWN
7. No One Comes Between Us – Handbook
8. Loveisallweneed – Melodisinfonie
9. TalkToMe – P.SUS
10. VLNTN – Vanilla
11. L.T.W.Y.L. (Love Letter Exclusive Edit) – Beat Gates
12. If You Only Knew – Mike Wagz
13. LOVE – The Paramedics
14. LUV U – Amin PaYnE
15. Will You Be My… – Brian to Earth
16. lovely – dil withers

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