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HIP HOP FIND: Mr. J. Medeiros – Constance


American emcee Mr. J. Medeiros provides us with today’s Hip Hop Find.

A diatribe against the horrors of sex slavery over an obvious Eva Cassidy sample doesn’t exactly have a natural allure, but Jason Medeiros’ (better known as Mr. J. Medeiros) 2007 track is little short of incredible. Along with ‘New World Water‘ by Mos Def, this is a rare example of a track that explores genuinely new ground, and tackles an important but ignored subject. ‘Constance’ tells the story of a child sold into the sex industry, from varying perspectives. The callous discussion of children as living profit – “just don’t leave any marks on her, it hurts business” is chilling. This is essential listening.

Stream Constance and its sample below.